The amount of cultural offerings in a city like Berlin is enormous. There are new exhibitions literally every day and also at night there are a countless number of events. Keeping track of all these offerings is barely possible. Although this great cultural diversity is fantastic, it equally means that there is a big competition for all of Berlin’s galleries and museums. More and more money is spent on promotional efforts in order to entice people to visit the numerous exhibitions. The facility’s location and findability are key factors in this competitive market. „Qart.links“ applies itself to this environment of competition. According to the motto „together we can make it“, all of the art institutions are supposed to benefit from one another. A network of galleries and museums is being formed which will simplify the search for exhibitions for people interested in cultural life. A number of associations of galleries, museums and other exhibition spaces have already been established and there are also websites where search keys help you find what you are looking for. This procedure, however is always associated with a certain expenditure of time.

„Qart.links“ facilitates a more efficient search without neglecting the diversity of the offerings. By means of what could be described as a type of digital treasure hunt, what could have been a number of tedious hours spent on research, turns into an exciting activity. Every single „link“ is fixed on the ground as a floor plate. Each gallery and museum gets its own floor plate which will call attention to the facility. Additionally, the pictured code can be scanned by smartphone users. When the code is scanned, a different exhibition or event is recommend. This recommendation is generated at random and on an ad hoc basis. In this way digital and analogous places are linked.

UdK | 2011