In nature, the process of finding a partner for mating entails a huge number of strategic acts in order to outstrip competitors. Man, in the course of human history, has devised increasingly elaborate techniques to succeed at the complex search for a partner. Communication is key. With subtle gestures, our bearing, clothes and even choice of hairstyle, we constantly send signals to our fellow humans. However, the decision of whether we find somebody attractive or not is often made in mere seconds. Those fleeting moments can be magical. We are highly susceptible to them and yearn for the sensation they convey. It is the meeting of the gaze of a stranger, for only a fraction of a second, no longer. Once the gaze is lost, we remain with a vague feeling and are brusquely brought back to the here and now. Yet, there lingers the feeling of that blink of the eye. ‘ The blink of an Eye’ is a new generation of jewellery. By brightening up the area around the eyes of the wearer, his or her face is accentuated and attracts glances from others.

UdK | 2012