Window of Neukoelln

The neighbourhood of Berlin-Neukölln certainly has a charm of its own. If you have ever walked through the streets of this district, you will agree that it is all but easy to put this wild mixture of people, shops and buildings into words. Everyone has his or her very own views on „Neukölln“ and, equally, everyone claims to know best how things stood a few years ago or what the real Neukölln is like. Fact is, it is definitely far from a boring neighbourhood. Walking though the district for just a day with one’s eyes wide open is a far more exciting and stimulating experience than any format of the modern entertainment industry could ever be. From the crack of dawn until late at night, the streets are filled with people from over 145 different nations.

„Neukoellnerfenster“ (window of Neukölln) is trying to indicate and portray the neighbourhood’s problems but also endeavours to bring different people together. As it is designed in the shape of a window, it guides the view to places to which we don’t usually pay a lot of attention. It calls on the residents to consciously experience their surroundings and neighbourhood. Moreover, it is used as a frame for temporary exhibitions, screenings or school events and thus becomes a place at which people can meet as well as exchange thoughts and ideas. Finally, as it is on wheels, „Neuköllnerfenster“ is mobile. The wheels allow it to “wander” through the neighbourhood and stand at different locations.

UdK | 2013