Cookery is the oldest craft in the world. In the course of human history, a great variety of preparation methods have developed which differ greatly around the globe. These methods belong to the culture of a region or country no less than the language of their inhabitants. Everybody has his or her own way of cooking and almost every dwelling has a kitchen. A kitchen is such an ordinary thing that we take it for granted. All appliances and utensils in it have been designed and created for a certain purpose and are usually used for exactly those purposes. However, if one changes perspective and starts to look at the kitchen as a form of workshop, a place which is not exclusively dedicated to the preparation of food, a huge number of different tools, machines and production technologies becomes apparent. It becomes a space for cutting, melting, squeezing, punching, rolling, casting and so on. This project dedicates itself to the kitchen as a space for creation.

Create is a cookbook and materials catalogue in one. Availing of simple examples, technical methods from the area of industrial manufacturing processes of products are combined with traditional recipes. A transfer of these different worlds is taking place. Due to its inspiring character, this cookbook is ideal to describe the treatment of material and, above all, to encourage its readers to pursue their own ideas.

UdK | 2013